Carbon Farming


"Carbon dioxide is a natural resource, like gold or oil and once we realise this, we will learn ways to draw it back down"


Carbon Farming

Carbon farming is a methodology used to ‘drawdown’ all our carbon dioxide emissions causing climate change in our atmosphere and safely store them in our forests, oceans and soils.

In Australia, the Liberal Government have allocated a $2.5 billion fund called the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) as part of the Kyoto Protocol agreement. This is a way to directly reduce Australia’s greenhouse emissions using different methodologies. Some of which include the following:

  • Vegetation Regeneration – human induced regeneration, natural regeneration
  • Soil Carbon
  • Blue Carbon

To progress the carbon farming industry, we need to move towards an International Trading Scheme, which would make the carbon price competitive and open up opportunities for new carbon methods. The Paris Climate Agreement has put the political framework in place to make this achievable and possible.

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