The Environmental Cowboy

"Through effective scientific education using media platforms, we can achieve a faster reduction of our global carbon footprint".



The Environmental Cowboy?

The Environmental Cowboy is a media persona created by Australian Environmental Scientist, Khory Hancock.

An adventurous young scientist, Khory is passionate about the future of the planet and the people on it and truly believes humanity is the solution; the people will drive the innovation and creativity that is needed to solve climate change.

The primary focus of the Environmental Cowboy brand is to educate a wide audience and in particular younger generations on the impact of human based climate change. Khory describes himself as a ‘visionary strategist’, that explores solutions that help to make positive changes today, ultimately creating a better tomorrow.

Using social media channels and speaking engagements, The Environmental Cowboy educates the audience on climate science, identifying the current and future challenges faced in Australia and globally with an aim to influence behavioural change.

Social media content is delivered via a mix of educational and entertaining videos and written communications. While at times infused with humour, Khory’s messages are also inspirational, authentic and credible due to his extensive qualifications and experience in the climate science and environmental fields.



Uniqueness and Strengths

• An intrepid explorer passionate about the planet and the people on it

• Extensive on camera experience (including with Discovery Channel)

• An environmental professional with significant industry experience

• Adventurous and fun personality

• Ability to communicate science in an effective way

• Driven story teller with the power to connect to the audience

• Authoritative and engaging public speaker

• Cattle farming/practical experience and country background

• Vision for the future

• Practical social science/psychology researcher

• Young person with a voice and credibility

• Driven and motivated to explore and create strategies to achieve goals


Why the Environmental Cowboy?

“I care for people as much as I do the natural environment. I am a scientist and as a scientist my job is to communicate the science in the best way I can.

Climate science is saying we will suffer severe economic, social and environmental consequences if we don’t act on a fast reduction of carbon emissions. I wish to reduce the suffering I see now from extreme floods, fires, heat waves, droughts, landslides and hurricanes that are made worse from climate change.

The environment is the very basis of our existence, if we lose it, we lose the ability to survive, and what makes us human. We are now at an ecological tipping point, meaning we have an opportunity to change together to reduce the impacts now and into the future of human induced climate change”.


Advisor / Strategist

Environmental and Sustainability Advisor and Climate Change Strategist

On Camera

On camera talent / television and film presenter


Public Speaker

Educating the community on the effect we all have on this planet



Creative writer including professional blogger


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