"Through vision and strategic planning, I develop solutions that help to reverse the impacts of climate change"


About Khory

Australian Environmental Scientist Khory Hancock originally grew up on a cattle station on Carnarvon Gorge, central Queensland, Australia.

An adventurous young scientist, Khory is passionate about the future of the planet and the people on it. He believes humanity is the solution; the people will drive the innovation and creativity that is needed to solve our environmental challenges.

Advisor / Strategist

Environmental and Sustainability Advisor and Climate Change Strategist

On Camera

On camera talent / television and film presenter


Public Speaker

Educating the community on the effect we all have on this planet



Creative writer including professional blogger


Featured Videos

Some Quick Stats

Some quick stats from our info page. 


97% of climate scientists agree that climate change is happening and humans are the primary cause.


60% of greenhouse gas pollution comes from the burning of coal, oil and gas.


90% of the extra global warming heat is absorbed by the oceans


50% of all the world's coral has died due to ocean temperature rise

“It's only when we choose to do nothing that we sacrifice everything.”

― Khory Hancock
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"Khory's work is inspirational, working tirelessly to educate society on the impacts we have on our environment and how to reverse the changes"

Danielle Rigby

"Khory represents the most wholesome aspects of humanity"

John Fletcher

"Khory has demonstrated again and again an ability to be able to explain complex information in a fun and laid back way to people of all ages. He has been an integral part of this years project. Thank you again Khory. We have all learned a lot"

Sally-Anne Jefferson

"The anecdotal and scientific revelation of facts should supercede all emotionally charged, media-driven click bait being propagated . A source of truth, Khory should be among our references when considering how we deal with the problems we're creating"

Ben Burnell


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