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Advisor / Strategist

Khory believes that through education, good leadership, effective strategy and consistency that together, we can reduce our impact on the natural world while managing our economic and social values.

Khory holds a double degree in Environmental Science and Environmental Planning as well as being a qualified lead auditor in Quality, Safety and Environmental Management systems, certified Trainer and Assessor and Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC through IECA). He is an 8-year industry professional in environment and sustainability with excellent understanding of safety, quality and environmental management systems; specifically focusing on land management and rehabilitation, climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies, carbon farming, water and waste management, greenhouse gas reporting, sustainability and environmental data collection/reporting and auditing.

Experienced in providing project management and solutions in various industries including the resources sector (mining and gas), infrastructure and transport, construction, carbon farming and offsetting and climate change adaptive/mitigative strategies and solutions.

Khory primarily focuses on developing climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies at an individual, regional, State, Federal and Global level and can provide assistance to suit your specific needs.


On Camera

Khory has extensive experience in documentary and television presenting, short film presenting and production and narration. Khory can be an on-camera talent for your next promotional video on any environmental or social challenges. He brings a personality for film and television that is humorous, inspirational and speaks with credibility and integrity.

Below is Khory’s experience in film and television:

  • Presenter for Discovery Channel’s highest rated show ‘What on Earth?’
  • Director, producer and presenter for ‘The Environmental Cowboy: Pilot Episode’
  • Social Media Film maker and influencer
  • Presenter for Fraser Island film for Drop Bear Adventures
  • Experience in National News story pieces for Channel 9

Professional Public Speaker / Presenter and Host

Khory has extensive public speaking/hosting experience and can speak at your event, conference, school or university. He can cover a wide range of topics including climate change, sustainable agriculture, environmental management challenges, social and economic challenges and human behavioural changes. His major appearances include but are not limited to the following:

  • Host for VIP event at the 2018 Eco Expo
  • Presenter and principal ambassador for 2018 Eco Expo
  • Principal Speaker at 2017/2018 Biochar Conference
  • Presenter and Workshop Facilitator at the Youth Environmental Summit Victoria
  • Speaker/presenter at numerous primary and secondary schools
  • Speaker at numerous film and documentary premiere screenings

Creative Writing

Khory has writing skills that will take your mind on a journey that recreates and imagines an appealing vision for the future. Khory’s writing skills are diverse and he can write blogs, scientific journal articles, magazine articles, short stories, poems and books to suit your individual and organisation’s needs.


"Khory's work is inspirational, working tirelessly to educate society on the impacts we have on our environment and how to reverse the changes"

Danielle Rigby

"Khory represents the most wholesome aspects of humanity"

John Fletcher

"Khory has demonstrated again and again an ability to be able to explain complex information in a fun and laid back way to people of all ages. He has been an integral part of this years project. Thank you again Khory. We have all learned a lot"

Sally-Anne Jefferson

"The anecdotal and scientific revelation of facts should supercede all emotionally charged, media-driven click bait being propagated . A source of truth, Khory should be among our references when considering how we deal with the problems we're creating"

Ben Burnell

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