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The Last Blue Hope

Documentary on the regeneration of the
ocean through seaweed plantations.

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Carbon Billionaire

A book on the strategy behind the profitable
regeneration of nature and people.

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The Last Blue Hope

‘The Last Blue Hope’ is a regenerataive ocean-based climate solution project that grows seaweed plantations on biodegradable ropes. This aims to rapidly drawdown and store vast amounts of carbon dioxide, reduce methane emissions in cattle, help protect coral reefs and provide plant-based food solutions to feed a fast-growing human population. Due to the oceans increased ocean acidification and surface water temperature rises, growing seaweed at scale may offer the last hope the ocean has of reversing the impacts of climate change in the time we have left to save it.


Drawdown is the point at which our carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere no longer keep climbing, but start to decline instead. This can be achieved at scale through the regeneration of nature, and seaweed is the fastest-growing plant on the planet allowing this to be achieved at the pace at which we need to counteract the climate shift. The carbon that is ‘sequestered’ through this process can be calculated and sold on the market as a ‘carbon credit’…making the regeneration of nature profitable.

Methane Reducing
Cattle Feed

A type of seaweed called ‘Asparagopsis’ can be made into a supplement feed for livestock, such as sheep and cattle. This particular type of seaweed feed eliminates up to 90% of livestock methane emissions, and according to CSIRO, if just 10% of global livestock numbers added this climate busting feed to their diets, it would have the equivalent positive impact of taking 100 million cars of the road.

Coral Reef

Seaweed plantation buffer zones can help protect coral reefs from marine heat waves and further bleaching, as well as reverse ocean acidification and eliminate excess nutrient run off. We have lost 50% of coral reefs around the world…and growing seaweed buffers may offer the best solution we have to help it become more resilient to climate extremes.

Food Source

Growing seaweed as an alternative food and protein source can also act as a planet saviour and cobenefit for our growing human population. Not only will our marine ecoystems flourish from this innovative solution, so will our food industry and will further help to reduce the demand on industrial farmed meat and other food products that are destructive for the climate and environment.

I invite you to help make our vision of reviving the ocean through the growing of ‘sea forests’ a reality.

We will to begin seaweed platation trial in the Great Barrier Reef region of Australia and will grow a diverse range of seaweed and kelp species to ensure all four co-befits mentioned above are achieved.